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Dog Field UK Puppy Club Classes.

Introduction & Information

DogField UK dog training offer a 6-week Puppy Club Course, focusing on real life skills and ongoing support hosted by a qualified reward-based trainer in North Bristol.

Puppy Club focuses on real life skills, building foundations slowly, teaching reliable behaviours for the real world. From having your puppy or dog being able to settle at home, in the car, a cafe or on holiday, to having your dog walking on a lovely loose lead are some more skills we will look at.


Many behaviours such as these take time to build slowly, but with our support, it is achievable and fun to teach, Training is more than teaching cues and behaviours; it is a great way to create a positive partnership with your canine companion.   



We invite puppies to join between the age of 10-20 weeks at the start of a Puppy Club course, that have also had their 1st puppy vaccination.

Owner Support - What you get......

  • Fully printed Puppy Club Guide which contains information and steps to training exercises.

  • 12 week access to a WhatsApp group specific to your Puppy Club class. This is where you can ask questions in relation to training, class exercises, sharing videos and your successes with each other. 

Course Breakdown

WEEK ONE: (Owners Only)

This will take place at our venue without your puppy. It's your opportunity to meet Jo, ask any questions, discuss all things puppy, puppy behaviour and talk about those first few days, weeks & months with your puppy.  


We will also discuss:

  • Health & Safety

  • Housekeeping

  • Dog body language & understanding stress signals

  • Toilet Training

  • Crate/Confinement Training   

  • Dogs & Children

  • Puppy Biting

  • Dog Law

  • Appropriate Play, Greetings and Interaction with dogs & People

  • Harness/Lead/Collar - Desensitisation & Equipment.

  • Using a Clicker & Marker Word


  • Teaching a drop cue

  • Jumping Up - Keeping Paws on the Floor

  • Food Manners

  • Settling and Capturing Calm

WEEK THREE: - Recall Week

  • Reflex to Puppy's Name

  • Charging the recall cue

  • Recall Games

  • Loose Lead Foundations

WEEK FOUR: - Cues to keep your puppy safe

  • Hand Target

  • Teaching a Stay/Wait

  • Door & Gate Manners

  • Teaching a leave


WEEK FIVE: - Husbandry & Cooperative Care Focus

  • Teaching a Stand for Vet Visits

  • Muzzle Training

  • The Bucket Game

  • Loose Lead skills - Follow Me 

WEEK SIX: - Building our Puppy Skills

  • Practising Recall Skills (by adding distraction)

  • Loose Lead Walking - Using your foundation & 'Follow Me' skills in practice around distraction outside

  • Recap on Cues & Behaviours

Puppy Club 6 Week Course = £120


New dates coming in 2024






About Your Puppy Club Instructor


Jo is a fully certified dog trainer with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - IMDT ( and also an accredited Hoopers Instructor with Canine Hoopers UK.  Jo also volunteers & fosters for dog charities/rescues in the Southwest. She also volunteered at Bristol Zoo in their Education Department whilst studying for her teaching degree. Jo owns and runs Dog Field UK which is based in Westerleigh where she has her very own outdoor training facility. There is also a five acre enclosed field which can be rented privately if you wish to practice all the fabulous skills you learn in classes in a safe environment.

IMDT operate under the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter. Please take the opportunity to visit the charter website to see what assurances this symbol brings to dog owners and other canine professionals. (

Puppy Club Venues

Outdoor Location: Westerleigh (located within the grounds of Windmill Fisheries).

Dog Field UK has a purpose made enclosed training paddock surrounded by beautiful countryside. The paddock offers a lovely safe space, with different environmental distractions to practice puppy skills around which we will work on over the 6-week puppy course.

Indoor Location: To be confirmed

Additional Support & 1-2-1 Training: £50/Hour

Dog Field UK offer 1-2-1 dog training sessions at their training facility or in your own home (North Bristol Only).

These are 1-hour sessions, concentrating on up to two behaviours within the session. Also included will be either relevant worksheets or a brief training that will be emailed to you after your session.


These sessions are for teaching new training skills such as recall, loose lead walking and upskills.

Please note the sessions are not for behaviour based problems such as anxiety, fear or stress related issues.

These types of behaviours require a vet referral so illness & pain can be ruled out before you enlisted the help of a qualified behaviourist.  

Terms & Conditions

  • Dog Field UK is an advocate of positive reinforcement training within the industry. Therefore, the use of the following equipment is prohibited in our classes. This list includes (but is not limited to) slip leads, anti-pull harnesses, spray collars, prong/pinch collars, corrector sprays etc. If you would like some advice on alternative more appropriate equipment, then please don't hesitate to talk to us about it.


  • Please try to arrive no earlier than five minutes prior to class start time. We don't want to tire your puppy out to early.

  • Please be mindful that late arrivals can cause disruption to other clients in the class and their puppies.


  • We request that you keep your puppy on lead at all times during classes.


  • We operate a "No Contact" policy in classes for puppies (no nose-to-nose contact). This is to ensure that the more anxious puppies are not overwhelmed & also we're not encouraging over arousal & stimulation in what should be a calm learning environment. You will have plenty of opportunities for puppies to meet appropriately with guidance from your trainers who will talk you through your dog's body language.


  • Please note owners are responsible for their puppy's behaviour for the entirety of each session. Please ensure they are not destructive & you allow them frequent toilet breaks in our courtyard (at our indoor facility).

  • Disclaimer - Training & behaviour outcomes are not the responsibility of the trainers. The trainers will help teach you how to teach your puppy those all important life skills. From then on in the onus lays with the owner to ensure they follow the exercises as shown in class. Seeing progress and results takes time - there are no magic fixes.


  • Refunds - Please ensure you have read & understood our refund policy prior to booking. From the point of booking up to 21 days prior to the course start date we will offer a full refund in the case of cancellation. Unfortunately after this point we will no longer offer refunds as it isn't guaranteed that we will be able to fill the cancelled booking. Once booked - we cannot refund clients for missed sessions.


  • In cases of bad weather, we will do our best to reschedule or run the session remotely.


  • If your puppy is unwell, please do not bring them to class. They need to be clear of all symptoms for 48hrs before they can attend their next session.   


  • If you or any other member of your family are displaying Covid symptoms, then we would request that you do not attend your session to keep other clients and ourselves safe.


  • We operate a strict no smoking policy at both venues (this includes vaping).   


       Our logo, identity, strapline and website are all copyright © 2024 Dog Field UK

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