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Top 10 Reasons people use Dog Field UK

Here are the Top 10 reasons why people have chosen Dog Field UK

The most popular reason for using the fields is training. We have many new dog owners who wish to master the art of recall before allowing their dogs off lead in public places and both fields allow them to do this in safety and without distractions.




For some clients our fields are the only place they can exercise their dogs. For fearful, reactive dogs open public spaces can be a challenge. Some dogs need more space than others and this is difficult when socialised off lead dogs approach them.


Unfortunately I think we have all been in that situation when you’re trying to become a human barrier between your dog and theirs whilst the other owner shouts over, “its ok, my dog is friendly.” Not helpful when your dog is reacting because it’s stressed and anxious.



We have many elderly dogs who enjoy calm & relaxing exercise without being ambushed by other people’s unruly dogs.


A large number of our clients who have sighthounds have a daily struggle as their dogs have a strong prey drive instinct and can disappear for hours on end at the sight of a squirrel, rabbit or deer.



The fields can also be useful for owners whose dogs have recently had surgery so they can recuperate in a calm environment.


We have owners who have bitches in season & use our fields to avoid any unwanted canine advances so their dog can exercise in peace.



It is ideal for dogs who cannot be let off lead in public places for various reasons. It may be that your dog has encountered incidents of aggression from other canines whilst out on walks and you’d prefer a bit of peace and quiet while exercising them.


Dogs who are ill (long term health issues) often get grumpy making them a little antisocial with others, so exclusive use of the fields can be invaluable.


We have a small number of clients who have sadly experienced a traumatic incident with their dogs (for example, their dogs have been viciously attacked by another dog) and they have felt they had lost their confidence when dog walking in public areas. Dog Field UK is the perfect place for them to start rebuilding their confidence again.


The fields are often used for the rehabilitation of rescue dogs. For example,  building a positive relationship with the owner, learning how to play and have fun & recall training.


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