About us

Meet the reason why Dog Field UK was originally created - say hi to Delilah

We created Dog Field UK initially for Delilah, our Lurcher (she's a rescue dog from Bristol Dawg Greyhound & Lurcher rescue) - she can be nervous/anxious around other dogs and in certain circumstances can't be let off her lead as we couldn't always be sure that we could confidently recall her.

Exercising her became as stressful for her as it did for us so we decided to create a place that she could run about, play and exercise knowing that she was completely safe and wouldn't encounter any other dogs (or even people).


It didn't take long before our friends said 'what a great idea' and they told their friends and....well, we opened our doors for the first time on the 1st May 2014 to anyone who wants a professionally managed, safe, enclosed, stress-free environment to allow their dogs off lead. Put simply, Dog Field UK is a safe haven for you and your dog to walk, run, play, recuperate or train without the worry about other dogs, people, traffic or livestock etc.



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