The Meadow

When we opened the Meadow in 2016 we wanted to create a space which not only allowed dogs to explore in a calm, stress free environment but also somewhere their owners could relax, gain confidence and bond with their dog knowing they were safe.

We have a variety of different sensory enrichment areas which includes our very popular Sniffari - this area hosts a selection of planters containing a whole range of dog friendly herbs and flowers (allowing them to self select if they so wish).

Other areas of curiosity are hound hill, the dog house, the long grass run throughs, treat search zones and our sensory pods amongst other wonderful and interesting things for them to encounter.

Don't worry, we still have plenty of open space for your dogs to enjoy some zoomies.

The Meadow is an ever evolving project which has some new and exciting additions planned for next year - watch this space....... 













  • The Meadow is the larger of our two fields measuring just over one acre.

  • Unfortunately children (Under 16's) are not permitted in the Meadow.

  • All appointments are exclusive use (so you don't have to share with other clients or dogs).

  • Each appointment is 50 minutes in duration with a generous 10 minute cross over between clients.

  • Meadow appointments start at half past the hour.

  • Maximum of six dogs per session.



Meadow Prices


Please note = there is a £10 one off registration fee for all new clients


1 dog = £10

2 dogs = £12

3 dogs = £14

4 dogs = £16

5 dogs = £18

6 dogs = £20


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