The Paddock

When we first opened our doors in May 2014 we didn't quite realise just how much of a valuable resource the Paddock would become to local dog owners.

Our faciity allowed owners to feel safe and relaxed in an environment where they could enjoy their dogs without having to keep looking over their shoulder.

No more worries of encountering other off lead dogs or the fear of not being able to confidently recall their own dog in a public place.

The Paddock is a great space for exercising puppies, practising recall with your newly adopted rescue or gentle exercise for recuperating dogs and much more. You can test their recall skills without fear of them dissapearing off in the distance.

During the summer months Cleary Canines often run Hoopers classes which are aimed at puppies and young dogs as everything is low impact (no jumps etc). Also great for older dogs who may still enjoy the activity but would stuggle with the demands of a full agility course. 













  • The Paddock is the smaller of our two fields measuring approximately 200ft by 70ft.

  • Children (Under 16's) are permitted in the Paddock. They MUST be supervised at all times & and never left unattended.

  • All appointments are exclusive use (so you don't have to share with other clients or dogs).

  • Each appointment is 50 minutes in duration with a generous 10 minute cross over between clients.

  • Paddock appointments start on the hour.

  • Maximum of four dogs per session.



Paddock Prices


Please note = there is a £10 one off registration fee for all new clients


1 dog = £7

2 dogs = £9

3 dogs = £11

4 dogs = £13

5 dogs = £15

6 dogs = £17




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